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Whether you’re interested in learning more about how open source ERP solutions can help your business or looking to get your implementation back on track, you need to ask the right questions first to know to begin. From data migration to customization, accounting to the warehouse to distribution, we understand the complexities of both technical and business process management.

That’s why we designed our OSI readiness assessment – to make it easy for anyone to determine how and where to start. We can help you understand your current or future system needs quickly and easily. We can help you develop a value-added plan, whether you want to replace an existing system or begin your assessment journey. Our proven methodology enables you to understand:

  1. Potential value
  2. Risk and security
  3. Costs and resources
  4. Technology and data requirements
  5. Implementation and support

OSI professional services staff have a track record of working with clients worldwide, from entrepreneurial start-ups to global brands. With certified, world-class IT and business consultants in accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, field service management, human resources, and other areas, OSI can help you with every aspect of your ERP implementation needs. We can help you automate tasks, simplify back-office functions, improve the supply chain, build new business models, and create more customers. Take our ERP Health Check assessment to learn more.

Gain max value from your ERP

Gain max value from your ERP

Implementing an open source ERP solution requires a significant financial and resource investment for any company. And for a good reason. At full potential, an enterprise ERP system can transform the business by seamlessly integrating people and processes. With a single version of truth to drive data-driven decision-making, organizations improve efficiency and productivity, lower costs, remove manual process errors, and increase profits – all while enhancing customer service.

But many organizations struggle to get the maximum value from their investment. Or worse, they go over budget, experience scope creep, or launch a solution that doesn’t fully deliver intended results.

And for companies looking to invest in ERP solutions, knowing where to begin the process can be a challenge even for astute business leaders.

That’s where OSI can help. OS professional staff have more than a decade of business consulting experience and IT expertise, assisting businesses in accurately assessing their ERP system and improving key business processes.

Leveraging a scientifically researched, proven methodology for open source integration success, OSI can help clients:

  1. Understand and map existing departmental processes
  2. Design IT goals that support current or future business objectives
  3. Discover potential integration capabilities and benefits
  4. Leverage full-scale capabilities, including cloud, mobile, and field services
  5. Design effective change management and adoption strategies

OSI provides strategic consulting, risk mitigation and implementation services for open source information technologies.

We put people and purpose at the heart of everything we do

OSI consultants listen first. We work alongside our customers to deeply understand their business and analyze their operations. We then design solutions tailored to their exact needs and objectives, enabling them to achieve extraordinary results.
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