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From Concept to Completion: Open Source ERP is the Bridge to Business Process Management


In 2013, Chris, and partner Jordy Munoz, sought out Open Source Integrators to help this emerging drone manufacturer implement Open Source ERP to build and manage rapidly escalating company growth by providing superior integration of business processes. Because so much software is open source, tools like Open Source ERP are part of a growing trend—and becoming faster, flexible, integrated, and more cost-efficient.

The aerospace company was headquartered in San Diego while manufacturing took place in Tijuana, Mexico, where smart engineers and manufacturing systems were located. The company started small and organic, and was quickly taking shape as a 21st-century aerospace company pushing the boundaries. Chris felt the innovation model that worked so well with computers and the Internet could also apply to aerospace.


  • Create self-sufficiency for the aerospace company’s team, relevant to operating the system.
  • Ensure continued, efficient operations moving forward.
  • Build a bilingual system to meet the needs of staff in the US and Mexico.
  • Meet the aerospace company’s needs for accounting, management, procurement, and warehouse processes and systems.


How does an emerging, and rapidly growing company get from “A” to “B” in a short span of time? First, Open Source Integrators did the work up front to get to know the company, understand its challenges and develop solutions, no matter how disparate their operational footprint.

Challenges included:

  • Working in a disparate and complicated supply chain to create more efficient business processes and systems. Some components had to be ordered locally, some ordered overseas, and some were made in-house.
  • Addressing the multi-language, multi-country nature of this company; screens needed to be made in American-style English as well as Mexican-style Spanish, and exchange rates managed.
  • Becoming involved in very early stages when they were just getting their manufacturing processes up and running and more was yet to be known.


  • Open Source Integrators’ cross-disciplined team of experts met with the 3D Robotics team and conducted a pilot workshop early on in their business.
  • Build a prototype manufacturing ERP system with the cross-cultural capability to work with bilingual staff.
  • Deploy accounting, business process management, data integration, and logistics business solutions.


Open Source Integrators began by getting to know the aerospace company, their needs, goals and objectives. OSI prioritizes communication that’s more than a business practice, it’s a culture, represented in their world-class ERP teams and industry best practices. That is why the starting point with the company was a one-week workshop, during which time they worked together to pencil out business processes and other logistics to quickly create a prototype/proof of concept. By the end of this week, together they had completed delivery of proof of concept. Over the next two-and-a-half months, Open Source Integrators was able to support further development of proof-of-concept system.


Open Source Integrators’ expertise delivered a targeted approach to identifying and designing best-of-class integrated Odoo business processes in these industries and with the following business solutions:

  • Manufacturing
    Open Source Integrators synchronized all capabilities into one highly reliable and insightful planning and forecasting system. Accurate inventory valuations were made at each step, along with the implementation of deep product and materials traceability, product lifecycle management, and managed contract and outsourced manufacturing. This included make-to-order or highly customized creation of products in real-time.
  • Engineering
    Capabilities were synchronized into one highly reliable and insightful planning and forecasting system. Rapid prototyping, material traceability, product lifecycle management, engineering management, and accurate forecasting were developed while ensuring consistent quality.

Business Solutions:
  • Accounting
    Accounting-centric Odoo software integration
  • Business Process Management
    Business process optimization with Odoo for improved results
  • Logistics
    Empowering logistics with Odoo best practices and customized technology
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Driving customer intimacy with Odoo technology
  • Data Integration
    The power of real-time data unleashed with Odoo
  • Ecommerce
    Creating alignment between operations and customer experiences with Odoo


Open Source ERP helped to build the foundation for the aerospace company, OSI swiftly accomplished all goals and objectives with efficiency and speed, and met all established goals and objectives. The Open Source integrator built a prototype manufacturing ERP system that worked well with bilingual staff. A functional system helped enable the aerospace company’s growth and provided a foundational position that served as a starting point for their larger operations and explosive growth.

Open Source Integrators quantified, captured, and demonstrated the aerospace company’s business processes during a pivotal period of rapid expansion and growth for the company. Open Source Integrators did everything they had to do quickly and efficiently within two-and-a-half months from start to finish.

Taking maker ideas to the next stage of development in an efficient manner involves a powerful combination of outsourcing and Odoo.

The Open Source Integrators Difference

Open Source Integrators stands in a category of one.

Open Source Integrators provides decades of experience in Odoo spanning a wide range of industries. From small, independent entrepreneurs with a big idea to national infrastructure efforts, you can rely on the scalable ERP expertise from Open Source Integrators around the clock.

As a top independent Open Source Integrator in the US, Open Source Integrators provides customers a unique combination of open source business process consulting and improvements in industries ranging from construction and utilities to manufacturing, engineering, the service sector and direct to consumer.

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