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Open Source Integrators Gives Back to the Community to Help Grow Science, Technology, and Innovation

“The most important benefit for me and companies I work with is the Open Source Integrator team,” says the company’s state director. “OSI assembled a team of professionals with a unique blend of skills that fill almost every conceivable gap in client capabilities. However, OSI team members don’t just jump in and take over for the client. The OSI Team’s extraordinary people skills, combined with subject matter expertise, complement client skill sets and foster project buy-in from the beginning. This attitude sets conditions for a superior solution built around client needs vs. a cookie cutter approach provided by many similar firms.”


Local hometown manufacturers in Kentucky partner with this company to enable growth of small businesses, and OSI is right there with them to help take them make the leap from concept to making it real. OSI is particularly focused on supporting veteran-owned businesses.

On a continual basis, OSI is offering consulting time to customers and clients of this entrepreneurial company.

Usually, rudimentary issues are addressed which can inhibit the business’ growth moving forward:

  • Questions addressed include: “How do I start?” and “I have an idea, how do I make it real?”
  • It’s one thing to build a prototype, another to say we are going to manufacture it. Odoo processes can help companies take the leap.
  • “Working with a diverse group of people on an accelerated time line is always a challenge,” the company’s state director noted. “The Open Source Integrators Project Management Team works hard to educate clients through the entire process. They also listen to the client and make sure they address client concerns from cradle to grave for each project.”


  • There is a critical spare part shortage in aviation, and a company is attempting to grow their make-to-order parts for old Army helicopters. Since the Army needs this gear and it’s difficult to obtain it, this company can connect students at a university with the machine tools necessary so they can get these things done.
  • A woman-owned business enterprise in optimizing cost-effective solutions to the business infrastructure needs of their clients. The company is a quality leader in outsourced advanced optical network integration services for carriers, equipment manufacturers, enterprise clients, and other service providers.

Odoo Solutions

Depending on the nature of the company’s needs, advisement in these best-of-class, integrated Odoo areas may include:

  • Accounting
    • Accounting-centric Odoo software integration

  • Business Process Management

    • Business process optimization with Odoo for improved results

  • Logistics

    • Empowering logistics with Odoo best practices and customized technology

  • Customer Relationship Management

    • Driving customer intimacy with Odoo technology

  • Data integration

    • The power of real-time data unleashed with Odoo

  • E-commerce

    • Creating alignment between operations and customer experiences with Odoo

The Open Source Integrators Difference

Open Source Integrators stands in a category of one.

Open Source Integrators’ insight, guidance, and support have distinguished this leader in Odoo for their thought leadership, dedication to success, and staunch commitment to improving our communities.

OSI prioritizes communication both internally among their team and externally with their clients. Customers seek out Open Source Integrators for their full transparency and honesty. More than a business practice, communication is their culture, represented in their world-class ERP teams and industry best practices. OSI’s communication processes enable the success of others and establish a partnership based on trust. The teams of Open Source ERP experts remember every day that it is not OSI’s journey; it is the customer’s journey. They are dedicated to always asking questions and working first to understand the client to assure the implementation of right-sized, best-of-class integrated ERP capabilities leading to scalable solutions that transform the way business is done.

Open Source Integrators provides decades of experience in open source ERP spanning a wide range of industries. From small, independent entrepreneurs with a big idea to national infrastructure efforts, you can rely on the scalable ERP expertise from Open Source Integrators around the clock.

As a top independent open source integrator in the US, Open Source Integrators provides customers a unique combination of open source business process consulting and improvements in industries ranging from construction and utilities to manufacturing, engineering, the service sector, and direct to consumer.

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