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Cellular Technology Advances the Speed of Sound with Open Source ERP


The client had contracted with a major cellular provider to upgrade all of their cell site towers to a minimum of 3G technology, and 4G where they were able. They were tasked with building as many cell site towers as possible, in order to accommodate the tremendous growth.

The client had more than 40 warehouses in the US, and vast numbers of construction crews; and the cellular provider they were contracted with were sending hundreds of orders a day for various cell sites throughout the country.

Open Source Integrators was contacted by the client’s primary IT contact, who was at the time a thought leader in the telecom business. OSI was tasked with fast implementation of an Odoo open source ERP solution to develop business process management processes that would include the logistics of 40 warehouse inventories, a multi-company layout, and the hundreds of orders coming in each day. They were not responsible, however, for management of the entire organization; they were primarily responsible for a data-integration system that would manage the warehouse inventory and getting goods distributed to job sites and customers.


OSI needed to not only help the client catch up, but build a system utilizing Odoo solutions that would continue to keep up with the pace. The client was under tremendous pressure due to the compressed schedule and the need to find a solution in a relatively short amount of time.

In addition, the rapid growth of the cellular industry had forced the client’s business to grow quickly as well, placing a huge demand on the organization that resulted in a collection of good people who had not worked together long, were not yet working as a cohesive unit, and who did not have all the tools they needed in order to get on the same path; much less the right path. Consensus needed to be built between primary decision-makers, and fast.


Open Source Integrators’ plan included implementation of an EDI (electronic data interchange), using the same approach as that of retail order management to manage the flow of inventory and warehouse management. This system would be designed to improve logistics and successfully move goods to job sites.

The client was desperate for help with specialized needs that required customization. USA Odoo’s complete, integrated, customizable Odoo capabilities was identified as the solution that would help them build a high-performance system that would provide best-of-class open source integration.

With regard to the client’s team members and key decision-makers, OSI did not strive to revolutionize the entire organization; instead, they set their sights on simply building the consensus needed in order to get the job done. Integrity-based communications would be critical for success, even if it meant sharing information that they knew might be difficult for stakeholders to absorb.


  • Empower the client with the tools they need to meet their own business goals
  • Meet the client’s specialized needs very quickly.
  • Provide an Odoo solution that would give the client the freedom and flexibility to meet deadlines quickly.
  • Implement best in class business process management for warehouse and product distribution logistics.
  • Help the client position the business to be significantly attractive to potential buyers.

Execution & Results

OSI received a call in December of 2012 from the client, who needed a business process management solution in place by January or February 2013. Initial work on their customized Odoo business system was completed by that deadline, with the electronic data interchange order management system in place by May/June of 2013.

Through honest, transparent communications, Open Source Integrators was able to be forthright with this construction client regarding the current state of warehouse operations, moving them onto a path that could then lead to success. OSI’s relentless focus on integrity-based communication helped them to scale internal organizational hurdles and gain consensus from key internal stakeholders – a critical step to project success.

Perhaps most telling regarding the successful integration of the USA Odoo platform was the fact that not long after completion of the project, company leadership found a buyer and sold the company for top dollar.

About the Client

This construction and utilities company based in Canada was a specialist in cellular site towers, site development, project management, construction management, materials management and procurement, architectural and engineering design, tower erection and installation, equipment installation and commissioning, and budgeting, scheduling, and cost tracking. It was bought out four years ago. Their deep telecom expertise made them a leader in their industry, providing top-level services and customer relations to their clients.

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