Veteran-Friendly. Veteran-Run.

A number of key team members at OSI are military veterans and others have worked closely with the military and Department of Defense on multi-million dollar GIS/IT projects.


Our founder and president, Greg Mader, had a 21-year military career, and was responsible for the planning and operations of a 452-soldier organization. During his Army tenure, Greg received numerous individual awards but his most valued is his Army Superior Unit Award. Ronda Mader, OSI’s Accounting principle, is a 10-year veteran of the Army Signal Corps and served with distinction both domestically and overseas.

OSI values the leadership skills, dedication, and "never quit" team attitude that military veterans bring to their job responsibilities every day. Our goal as a veteran-friendly enterprise is to assist with employment, business, and supplier opportunities for veterans, transitioning service members, disabled veterans, spouses, and veteran business owners. OSI is particularly focused on supporting veteran-owned businesses.

Greg Mader, proud soldier in uniform

We work together with Open Source ERP-focused customers to find the best strategies for meeting their objectives while developing and customizing or maintaining – hands on – the right open source software platforms, integrations, and smart mash-ups. Our mission is to help optimize business processes and promote improved business results that lead to a sustainable, scalable, competitive advantage within their industry.

Greg Mader in military uniform

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If you’d like to know more about employment opportunities for veterans, or business solutions for veteran owners, contact us here.