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Brindar servicios excepcionales en el entorno de consumo de alta demanda actual es un desafío mayor que nunca, tanto para las empresas de rápido crecimiento como para los líderes establecidos. Las organizaciones de la industria de servicios, desde el comercio minorista hasta la banca, los proveedores de servicios de Internet y más, deben adoptar y elevar la transformación digital para satisfacer las demandas cambiantes de sus clientes.

Open Source Integrators (OSI) ofrece una combinación única de consultoría y servicios de implementación llave en mano que garantizan que obtenga una solución ERP personalizada que satisfaga las expectativas comerciales en evolución. Puede aumentar la eficiencia de su personal mientras eleva el nivel de satisfacción del cliente aprovechando los datos para impulsar todos los aspectos del negocio.

  • Aumente la eficiencia y la productividad en el lugar de trabajo
  • Gestione procesos repetibles, escalables y centrados en el servicio
  • Crear valor para los clientes de principio a fin
  • Seguimiento de la satisfacción del cliente
  • Impulse nuevos negocios utilizando modelos de datos y pronósticos

A Tailored Solution That Delivers Customer Value

OSI gives you integrated applications and tools to deliver goods and services faster and with greater reliability. How? OSI provides customized solutions that meet diverse business needs. OSI open source ERP solutions solve all aspects of service delivery, from initial client contact to contract creation and signing, from project cost and revenue tracking to collections. Businesses can take advantage of intuitive dashboards that provide KPI management down to hourly task execution and product delivery. They gain granular visibility into operations, which can be shared throughout the enterprise, to ensure daily decisions align with the overarching organizational goals and vision.

OSI open source ERP solutions allow organizations to respond to changing market demands while executing new digital strategies that rapidly deliver value to the customer. With OSI, you can build a comprehensive ERP that integrates, automates, and streamlines back end and front office processes. It eliminates the need for separate systems for each task, saving time and increasing efficiency by making more data readily available for faster, better decision-making.

Delivering Goods

Open Source Applications Deliver on Your Service Industry Needs

When it comes to ERP for the service industry, open source solutions provide powerful advantages over closed proprietary systems. Specifically, Odoo capabilities allow your service company to improve customer satisfaction through better data management and analytics. OSI implements ERP systems based on Odoo, the most successful open source business application platform in the world. More than two million people use Odoo because it provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for efficiency gains across your operations. Whether you’re a small, independent entrepreneur with a big idea or an established industry leader looking to stay ahead of the competition, here’s why open source ERP is right for your company:

  • Integrates with all manufacturing processes, including specialized operations.
  • Scales to specific needs, unlike most proprietary applications.
  • Supplies robust data exchange via application program interfaces (APIs).
  • Offers connectivity options, from desktop to mobile and more.
  • Supports growth with scalability, connectivity, and reliability.
  • Minimizes the risk of functionality becoming obsolete with new releases.
  • Provides access to source code, making software changes and customization easy.
  • Gives access to the collective expertise of a worldwide open source development community.
    • Increased security and stability
    • Continuous innovation and improvement
    • Quick discovery and elimination of vulnerabilities
Service Sector Processes

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Results-Driven Process

Our team provides you with scientifically researched and fact-based open source ERP solutions needed to improve and maintain your system. We approach each project as the unique endeavor it is, following a proven four-step method for success:

Determine your situation, goals, timeline, cost, and the best way to build a prototype that best fits your needs.
Advance and simplify future phases of work by optimizing the more critical parts of your business systems.
Streamline the experience to encourage optimal choices, while giving the flexibility to react to special cases.
Coach, train, and support your team members as they become accustomed to using the new operating systems.