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Operating in the service sector with ERP is about creating efficiency and harmony within the workplace, tracking customer satisfaction, management of repeatable and scalable processes, and creating the most value across the customer experience. Open Source Integrators provides perfectly right-sized, user-friendly platforms with highly reliable and insightful planning and forecasting systems.

With decades of experience automating repeatable tasks in customer service-based environments, Open Source Integrators provides Open ERP within a myriad of businesses within customer service-based environments. You can rely on our scalable ERP expertise that runs the gamut – from independent entrepreneurs with industry-changing ideas, to enterprise-level implementations that require national footprints. Our team works first to understand your service operations, no matter how disparate or concentrated your operational footprint. Whether it’s managing human and capital assets or managing staff time and consumables, our teams work around the globe and around the clock to assure best practices and right-sized technology.

With our cross-discipline team of Open ERP integrators in the service industry, we are available to be both proactive and responsive, from simply working out the kinks in your system to troubleshooting an existing system, or building new, best-of-class integrated ERP service capabilities from end to end. We have full discovery teams or single, top-level experts available to consult. With OSI expertise, you can begin the journey to create and maintain a world-class ERP system for your service business by getting the right team involved without further delay. Rest assured, you’re in the right place.

The challenge of maximizing staff efficiency while creating the most value for customers becomes simple with the right ERP software capability. Open Source ERP empowers your company and paves the road to profitability. With Open ERP capabilities, your service company will build reliable and predictable stakeholder and customer satisfaction, time after time.

Our highly skilled ERP experts are focused on configuring customer-pleasing systems to minimize costs associated with the service sector. Producing business intelligence such as P&L statements by customer, staff member and offering, maximizing coverage and useful service time, and minimizing operational and overhead costs are just a few of Open Source Integrator’s advanced capabilities. A partnership with Open Source Integrators will help you reach peak levels of productivity and growth, and help you reach your full potential as a market leader.

Field Service Management is all about quality delivery, prompt services, and excellent customer support. As customers, we choose companies whose drivers show up at our door on time and bring with them the knowledge and tools or goods to provide us with a great customer experience.

Service and delivery fleets are ever-growing. With growth, come challenges related to efficiency and quality; not all of the over three million fleets in the US provide the same reliable services. Why? Because field service management is not easy.

Field services are complex and highly competitive. Organizations that are not deploying the latest digital technology often fail to competitively manage demand, optimize resources, and meet their service level agreements.

Open Source Integrators (OSI) help field services managers implement a comprehensive solution based on Open ERP, the most successful open source business application platform. Open ERP is used by more than two million users and provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to enable efficiency gains in your operation.

Open ERP is the framework for predictable and reliable implementation of your specific business rules. Disruptions are managed and mitigated in real-time, before they become costly. OSI helps you deploy your business rules and add optimization algorithms to reduce cost, all while increasing safety, customer satisfaction, and SLA compliance.

Field Service Managers are getting frustrated with disparate systems for creation of work orders, parts availability, tracking of job statuses, and optimized scheduling and routing of field resources.

Effective Field Service Management (FSM) solutions are tightly integrated with other business systems such as ERP, CRM, Inventory Management, and AVL Telematics. That’s why OSI leverages the most extensive open source platform for integrating business systems within all aspects of the field service management life cycle.

Field Service Management Lifecycle

Odoo Open ERP: An Integrated Solution for Field Service Management

Whether you are managing field services for repair and maintenance or for services, delivery and inspections, an integrated enterprise solution will help you to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction,…

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Better Customer Experiences with Odoo ERP Solutions for Field Service Management
Field Service Management is all about quality delivery, prompt services, and excellent customer support. As customers, we choose companies whose drivers show up at our door on time and bring…
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Why Open ERP?
Accounting: Create one true Picture of your Business Operation
Customer Relationship Management: Enhance Customer Relationships
Data Integration: Facilitating Proactive Management Strategies
E-commerce: Minimizing Start-up Risks
Business Process Management: Identifying and Redesigning Non-Optimal Processes
Logistics: Improving Operations and Decreasing Expenses

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Individually or together, these premier suites of business applications offer open source ERP solutions tailored to your company’s unique business needs.

As a top Odoo integrator in the US, we will help your team discover why Odoo is among the most trusted Open Source ERP applications, with end-to-end ERP accounting integrations simplified by the pros.

ERP customers can enjoy all the robust capabilities of real-time data sets to inform their ERP solutions, operations and leadership teams. If you are looking for Hadoop done right, you’re in the right place.

There are websites and then there are e-commerce sites. E-commerce at the next level starts with a robust CMS solution. Find out why Open Source integrators look first to Magento for the heavy lifting.

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