Mr. Sean Larkin

Sean Larkin is the CEO of OnLogic, a global manufacturer of IoT and i   industrial computer hardware. He is committed to fostering transparency and   radical candor within the company's culture. Under Sean's leadership,   OnLogic   has achieved regional growth awards and has been recognized as   a top workplace. Before joining OnLogic, Sean gained experience in startups,   PricewaterhouseCoopers, and private industries, where he focused on leadership, mergers and acquisitions, and filling management gaps. Sean is also actively involved in nonprofit organizations that support children, families, and technology stewardship and education. He joined OnLogic as CFO in 2012 and transitioned to President/CEO in 2016.

Sean Larkin

Mr. Mark Debinski

Mark founded Bluewater Advisory and Bluewater Search, organizations that have provided valuable services to businesses in the United States for over a decade. Known for his engaging and people-centric approach, Mark excels in advising individuals and businesses on developing leadership skills and strategically growing and transitioning their ventures. His expertise lies in succession planning, exit planning, and talent selection, where he brings an objective perspective to identify crucial business elements that leaders may overlook. Mark's contributions have been recognized through prestigious awards, including the Bill Brooks Impact Award and the Bud Bowers Contributor of the Year Award. He holds degrees from the University of Maryland and Loyola University and contributes to his community as a board member of Carroll Hospital and a bereavement counselor for BridgingLife Hospice.

Mark Dibenski