E-Commerce With Odoo Integration
Creating alignment between operations and customer experiences with Odoo ERP.

Odoo e-commerce opens up customer experiences

Odoo’s e-commerce business application is a native and integrated online shopping solution especially useful for B2C and B2B sellers to increase their competitive edge by building streamlined web stores that can directly strengthen the impact of their web presence as a whole. With seamlessly navigable online shopping, customers get a better impression of the fine folks they’re dealing with. Odoo e-commerce can provide the tools necessary to create appealing, engaging, and—let’s not forget the essential ingredient—fun online purchasing experiences for your customers.

OSI’s approach to Odoo e-commerce hopes to give you an enhanced hand over the way you set up and manage your web store. We want to supply you with solutions designed to optimize all essential aspects of your e-commerce flow and function.

What you can do with an Odoo e-commerce implementation

To name just a few of the perks, Odoo e-commerce allows built-in or integrated features/functions that enable you to:

  • Offer your product in multiple channels, including mobile, online market platforms, web, social media, and traditional brick and mortar.
  • Create and manage an online store styled to your business’s own personality and needs.
  • Manage products, purchasing, 3PL, shipping, inventory and warehouse.
  • Install marketing automation for an organized portrait of leads, link tracking, customer experience, and customer behaviors.

Take advantage of Odoo’s flexibility: Platform integration vs. built-in Odoo tools

Integrations: Drive your store with Odoo ERP

Depending on your organization’s needs, we can integrate outside e-commerce solutions such an WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Salesforce, or any other sales platform you’ve adopted as an essential tool for your business. For example, if you choose an Odoo-WooCommerce integration, you’ll maintain the power of your WooCommerce system while leveraging the advantage of Odoo open source ERP—an excellent choice for those interested in building an ERP + e-commerce composite advantage.

Built-in Odoo e-commerce and content creation tools

Want to dig into Odoo’s own powerful e-commerce capabilities? Odoo offers “no code” tools and templates that enable you to create e-commerce sites in minutes. Drive a streamlined double lane toward a stunning website when you leverage Odoo’s content creation abilities alongside the necessary technical functions you’ll need to do business successfully online.

With Odoo’s flexibility, you can use any of the available Odoo or adjacent e-commerce platform plug-ins for sales tax, marketing automation, shipping calculations, and more. Cross channel customer management is not a problem.

Odoo e-commerce consolidates your web presence

Utilize all the hard work you’ve done to spread the word about your business. With an Odoo e-commerce implementation, you’ll funnel an optimized sales pipeline from your web presence straight to your new, customizable web store. As discussed in the previous section, Odoo’s flexibility allows you to create a web store that both works and feels right for your business, which you can use to fuse the potentially disparate qualities of your web store and web persona into one cohesive web presence. With our Odoo integration expertise, we can help your store become part of the voice you’ve built.

Your customers’ happiness, your Odoo e-commerce outcome

After our Odoo experts have mixed your business initiative with Odoo’s sophistication and freedom, we aim to bring your Odoo e-commerce implementation to all if not more of these intended outcomes:

  • Launch and manage campaigns and promotions across all channels.
  • Build customer loyalty. Repeat business with dynamic segmentation and better customer intelligence.
  • Simplify product management and sales with one centralized view to track products, promotions, and pricing across multiple platforms, currencies, languages and more.
  • Cross sell and upsell regardless of channel, with automated alternatives that our experts may very well recommend.

Odoo’s e-commerce business application enables you to drive more traffic to your web stores, convert shoppers into customers, and increase online revenue with a mobile-optimized, feature-rich e-commerce platform that’s easy to both manage and customize to your needs. Odoo unifies e-commerce, marketplaces and more with your core systems, giving you one true picture of your clients, shipping, inventory, and even marketing campaigns—all in real time.

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