Leverage Data-Driven Insight to Deliver Projects on Time and on Budget with Odoo

Take your engineering efforts to the next level with flexible, customized ERP applications developed from Open Source Integrators (OSI). Increase and improve project and equipment life cycle management, traceability, and quality using OSI’s unique combination of business consulting and IT services. With an open source solution designed for your enterprise, you improve business performance while satisfying customer needs with seamless functionality.

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Material traceability
  • Product and equipment lifecycle management
  • Engineering management
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Consistent quality
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A Fully Integrated, Comprehensive Solution to Enhance Engineering Capabilities

OSI combines and streamlines core engineering capabilities that result in efficiencies across the organization. First, OSI business process and open source experts collaborate with you to fully understand your end-to-end operations. Then they enhance your systems and processes, integrating engineering-specific functionality with back-office and front-end systems to improve data-driven decision making.

The OSI open source ERP solution bridges the gap between company and engineering applications, providing the flexibility to adapt your system to meet your prototyping and product development requirements. As a comprehensive solution, it eliminates the need for separate systems for each task. You save time, increase productivity and efficiency, and make data and analytics readily available. With OSI, you can build your best-in-class ERP system from the ground up or integrate and optimize existing engineering management systems.

Engineering Planning

Open Source Applications Deliver Better Engineering Outcomes

For engineering companies of all sizes, open source provides distinct advantages over costly and rigid proprietary systems. By partnering with OSI as your trusted solutions integrator, you can leverage Odoo ERP, the most successful open source business application platform in the world.

Odoo is used by more than two million people and provides a robust, flexible, and cost-effective solution that enables efficiency gains for every aspect of engineering. Around the world, forward-thinking firms are redefining what it means to deliver better business outcomes with open source applications. Here’s why you can too:

  • Integrates with all of your engineering systems and processes
  • Scales to your needs, unlike most out-of-the-box engineering applications
  • Supplies robust data exchange not limited by application program interfaces (APIs)
  • Supports business growth with scalability, connectivity, and reliability
  • Carries no risk of functionality becoming unavailable with new releases
  • Provides visibility into source code, making software changes and customization easy
  • Benefits from the collective expertise of the worldwide open source development community
    • Increased security and stability
    • Continuous innovation and improvement

Partner with Open Source Integrators

Let us help you drive insight, profitability, and flexibility to reach your engineering objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

Results-Driven Process

Our team provides you with scientifically researched and fact-based open source ERP solutions needed to improve and maintain your system. We approach each project as the unique endeavor it is, following a proven four-step method for success:

Determine your situation, goals, timeline, cost, and the best way to build a prototype that best fits your needs.
Advance and simplify future phases of work by optimizing the more critical parts of your business systems.
Streamline the experience to encourage optimal choices, while giving the flexibility to react to special cases.
Coach, train, and support your team members as they become accustomed to using the new operating systems.

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