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Odoo CRM implementations take your customers’ needs, desires, and behaviors and focus them into one amazing customer experience. Our team of Odoo open source professionals can unleash the power of your business operations by connecting your sales, manufacturing, and product development, creating a CRM system that leverages your company’s data, talent, and resources to effectively drive your bottom line.

Our highly skilled Odoo experts are determined to find and configure your unique competitive advantage, helping you to harness the full potential of your organization’s CRM—a quality your customers will feel as soon as they interact with you.

Why Odoo CRM?

In today’s market, customers expect a perfect order: Your product/service delivered to the customer on time, at the correct location, with all other specifications properly fulfilled. In order to feel ensured that their chosen vendor will deliver with quality and speed, customers tend to thoroughly research their options before making a purchase, comparing and evaluating their choices against a number of factors, including:

  • Product information
  • Social validation
  • Inventory and availability
  • Pricing
  • Convenience of deliveries and fulfillment
  • Ease of return policies

While standalone CRM systems seldom provide the kind of information helpful to customers poised to buy, Odoo’s CRM communicates the clarity customers look for.

Odoo’s CRM and marketing automation software tools are fundamentally designed to reach customer expectations. From the Odoo enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, Odoo offers online omnichannel engagement through email, SMS, marketplaces, and direct E-commerce built-in. With an Odoo CRM system, you’ll create richer campaigns and lead nurturing in marketing, giving your customers realtime insight into lead times, inventory, and pricing.

Your Odoo CRM implementation

By choosing Odoo to strengthen your customer relationship management, you’ll have access to offerings such as:

Seamless alignment of CRM and ERP

CRM was built into Odoo from the beginning, and is not a bolt-on or an integration. From sale to delivery, customer information will be current and accurate.

Marketing automation

Drive direct, omnichannel action. With Odoo CRM, customers can get key product insights, spurring purchasing decisions rooted in your customer’s trust of the offer.

A complete view of all customer records, bundled into one system

All quotes, billing, deliveries and support are made accessible to your team from one dynamic application, where material traceability, RMAs, and other complex situations are managed easily and accurately.

Visibility over forecasting and realtime sales

This includes E-commerce and integrated sales channels. Manage forecasts, quotas, and commissions. Make rewards or adjustments when called for.

Analytic CRM reporting tools (including exports to spreadsheets)

Take advantage of actionable insights, lead tracking and scoring, and key performance indicators—all contributing to increased sales and better marketing.

Complete customizability

Customize customer lifecycle, workflow automation, messaging and campaigns to address industry needs and create a competitive advantage.

Other CRM-related capabilities

Utilize specific operations such as field service management (FSM), dispatching, and Make to Order manufacturing.

As part of the sales cycle, Odoo’s CRM offers:

  • E-Signature
  • Accounting and invoicing
  • Mass marketing, lead scoring, channel management, nurturing and customer Loyalty programs
  • Integration with most common E-commerce platforms, including Odoo’s elegant and powerful E-commerce option.
  • Avalara sales tax collections
  • Integration with VOIP telephones, Email marketing, SMS, and Live Chat
  • Mobile CRM: Access and use Odoo’s CRM on the go.
  • Integrate sales team activities with fulfillment, services, retention, and all other aspects of the customer experience.

Quality CRM makes room to grow

Odoo’s realtime reporting and dashboard capability help you and your staff quickly discover what works and what doesn’t, providing your team with the power to make corrections and bring products to market faster. Odoo’s CRM is a stream of constant insight into how to improve your sales efforts continuously.

OSI is your Odoo CRM integrator, fostering customer intimacy with our people-first approach

With customer relationship management in particular, we take pride in ensuring that your implementation nurtures relationships between people. In the same way that we value our own customer relationships, we want to do what we can to supply you with the tools to build clear and effective CRM systems.

Odoo’s unified architecture funnels all leads and opportunities into a single cohesive portrait of your customer. E-commerce sales, Inside sales, and Point of Sales (POS) customers and leads are all captured and managed, making for a CRM system that ensures you know your customer whether they buy in person, over the phone, through E-commerce, or from an integrated sales channel.

In the end, we want Odoo’s CRM capabilities to set you up for successful, deep, engaging and efficient customer relationships.

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