Business Process Management (BPM)
Business process optimization and implementation with Odoo for improved workflows

Revamp BPM with help from our Odoo open source ERP experts

When it comes to BPM, we analyze and fingerprint your company’s current methods in order to help establish a system dedicated to business-building solutions. Our team of Odoo open source ERP cross-discipline experts can help you develop best BPM practices from scratch, providing streamlined and fully optimized business processes. Alternatively, we can also dovetail your revamped BPM efforts with existing/disparate systems, or augment them to empower compliance, growth, efficiency, and profitability.

Whatever your needs, in the end, it all depends on sitting down and digging into the right BPM solution for your organization. Let’s streamline your business processes with Odoo expertise.

BPM lays the foundation for a robust and adaptable organization

Developing a healthy BPM system has the ability to set the stage for a company’s endurance throughout time. As the ebb and flow of the market washes over businesses year to year, it is often the case that organizations with strong and fluid BPM are better equipped to withstand ever-fluctuating market conditions.

Here’s the bottom line: Successful organizations have well-defined BPM foundations that can adapt quickly to changes in customer preferences or new technology. Our approach to BPM with Odoo is to help you build a foundation based on design, calculation, and evolution—not based on luck or hunches. We want to help you establish a tangible and efficient system equipped with processes that end in bringing customers a quality experience.

Focussing your BPM efforts

In order to configure a solution that is right for you, BPM efforts tend to zero in on several driving circumstances, broken down into the three main groups here:

  1. Process automation: Companies that are investing in Automation or Robotic tools, and need to automate an existing process, more or less as it is.
  2. Process improvement: Companies that see the need to improve quality, efficiency, throughput, or other outcomes.
  3. Process design: Companies that may be starting a new line of work, and need to create new business processes to be functional.

Your open source BPM implementation

BPM’s ability to automate and organize a company’s business processes has made it extremely popular throughout the business application software community. With Odoo open source software as our central tool for conducting BPM, we can help you implement improved business processes built to support streamlined workflows.

While BPM alone provides a plenitude of improvement for companies seeking better business processes, its methodology can be augmented for further optimization when blended with adjacent business process methodologies, such as TOGAF, LEAN or DMAIC from Six Sigma. In the hands of experienced practitioners, an effective BPM solution in conjunction with, say, Six Sigma’s DMAIC methods, sets your company up for a management system that works the way you need it to.

DMAIC optimization + BPM automation

For example, if you find your company falls under the second listed type of BPM effort, Process Improvement, then your BPM implementation might benefit from the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) approach from Six Sigma, as its dynamic approach is extremely well-suited for companies in need of stabilizing chaotic and/or unpredictable processes.

The distinction here is that DMAIC works to build/improve your system, while BPM’s role utilizes Odoo software to manage the changes made. That in mind, an ideal integration of BPM + DMAIC would first leverage DMAIC systemization to streamline processes, and then launch BPM to automate and manage the systems you’ve instilled.

So, to discover a process that fits your company’s particular circumstances, DMAIC’s first step focusses on helping you define your goals and outcomes. Once you’ve done so, next steps include measuring your existing processes, analyzing the root causes of current inefficiencies or challenges, and improving processes with solutions designed to meet the goals you defined in the first step.

Then, with the power of an Odoo open source approach to BPM, we’ll work together to create effective management solutions that help you control your new system.

Choosing Open Source Integrators for BPM optimization and implementation

Our central goal is provide you with a BPM implementation that optimizes your workflows. We can help move your business away from a company work culture based on guesswork and word-of-mouth techniques, and into a focused, well oiled machine dedicated to reliable outcomes and better customer experiences.

In both simple and complex business environments, BPM helps to create scalable and orderly solutions. With the right expertise, BPM provides the basis for superior growth and performance, creating the kind of value customers seek when looking for a company to trust their particular needs.

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