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OSI offers strategic consulting, risk mitigation, and implementation services custom fit for aerospace manufacturing. Our solutions use enterprise-size Odoo ERP to help companies get ahead of potential disturbances in manufacturing processes, including, supply chain disruption, quality assurance, costly litigation due to compliance failures, and more. Our in-house Odoo experts can configure applications that instantly connect with intelligent manufacturing, providing companies with competition-busting efficiency when meeting the latest ITAR compliance components, FAA mandates, and other regulatory requirements.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Automating aerospace manufacturing processes with the simplifying power of Odoo ERP

OSI’s Odoo integration services take needlessly complex and overcomplicated systems and simplify them according to a single source of bell-clear data. With our artfully implemented ERP strategies, companies can connect processes across operations to keep better track of planning, scheduling, resource loading, cost, quotes, estimates, and more.

“Striving to remain relevant in a crowded field of competitors, aerospace manufacturers are finding that traditional tools and applications do not provide the power and flexibility needed in this day and age. Manual processes, disconnected software, or legacy systems can put companies at a disadvantage among fierce competition . . . This in mind, OSI has put much focused effort into building services tailored to meet the needs of aerospace manufacturing.”

How OSI Helps With Aerospace Compliance

Interested in learning more about how OSI’s Odoo expertise are helping improve aerospace manufacturing? Check out this article written by OSI’s own Greg Mader.

Streamlining Enterprise-Level Aerospace Manufacturing Performance

Our Odoo consultants can build an ERP system that acts as a hyper-efficient, managerial eye, providing data that stretches visibility across your organization, from project to part, to inspection plans, to serial numbers, lot numbers, and more. With real-time insights, no malfunction or nonconformity will escape your notice.

Specifically, OSI’s expertise helps aerospace manufacturers enhance five critical performance areas:

  • Manufacturing throughput
  • Material shortages and substitutions
  • Excess and obsolete inventories
  • Labor and machine use
  • On-time delivery to customers
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How Aerospace Manufacturers Can Improve Processes With Odoo ERP

Reduce risk, meet regulatory standards, and automate the compliance process.

Security and Compliance

With easy-to-use ERP, you’ll simplify the compliance process by enabling your staff to perform a complete audit trail of data changes and trace assembly, component, or subassembly across the production line, whether that be upstream and downstream.

Automate regulatory processes to streamline compliance with:
  • AS9100/AS9110/AS9120
  • AS6081
  • ITAR
  • ISO9000
  • SOX
Aerospace Compliance

Supply Chain Management

Understand, track, and act on the relationship between your company and your suppliers, with top-tier supply chain management insights that can help you to:

  • Leverage integrated platform between buyers, parts, and suppliers.
  • Manage buyers, procurement, and purchasing, from quotes for raw materials from multiple suppliers to filtering RFQ criteria based on specific needs to select the best match.
  • Automate and improve negotiating using tools and data to determine the best combination of suppliers, products, services, and prices.
Supply Chain Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Ensure projects run smoothly with access to product data, budget monitoring, and balanced allocation of materials.

  • Achieve cost reduction you actually feel with access to real-time product data and seamless communication throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Design, monitor, and budget projects using connected sales, inventory, MRP, purchasing, and manufacturing data.
  • Improve allocation of materials with standard costs and associated work orders, purchase requisitions, and purchase orders.
Budget Monitoring

Quality Assurance

Enhance quality assurance with supply chain management capabilities, easy access to data, and quality tracking/insights.

  • Manage quality assurance and control at every point in the supply chain, from product evaluation to distribution.
  • Enable employees in different departments to easily access data without opening multiple applications or asking for additional IT support.
  • Use real-time tracking and insights to prevent lapses in quality and comply with various quality standards.
Plane Product Evaluation

Inventory Management

Make inventory stresses a thing of the past with automated management, data entry, tracking, and more.

  • Automate inventory management
  • Eliminate manual data entry and the potential for human error.
  • Gain a complete inventory picture using custom dashboards. Track sales, purchasing, and logistics data using one solution to ensure the proper inventory levels match requirements.
  • Replenish inventory and automatically reorder material
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Inventory Management