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Manufacturing and Open ERP

Advanced Manufacturing with ERP is about pulling it all together. This includes accurate inventory valuations at each step, deep product and materials traceability, product lifecycle management and managed contract and outsourced manufacturing, including make-to-order or highly customized creation of products in real-time. Open Source Integrators synchronizes all of these coveted capabilities into one highly reliable and insightful planning and forecasting system.

Open Source Integrators provides decades of experience in open ERP within a plethora of manufacturing, federal government, and civil critical infrastructure environments. From small, independent entrepreneurs with a big idea to national security efforts, you can rely on the scalable ERP expertise from Open Source Integrators. Our team works first to understand your operations, no matter how disparate or concentrated your operational footprint. From virtual fulfillment to just-in-time shipments, our teams work around the globe to assure best practices and right-sized technology.

Our cross-disciplined team of Open ERP Integrators is available to troubleshoot an existing system and work out the kinks, or build new, completely integrated ERP capabilities from scratch. You can consult either. We have full discovery teams or single, top-level experts with whom to consult. Welcome to the right place, with the right team, to begin the journey of creating and maintaining a world-class ERP system without further delay.

With the right ERP software capability, the challenge of managing customized products to gain productivity and efficiency becomes simple. Open Source ERP empowers your company and paves the road to profitability. With Open ERP capabilities, your company will instantly realize higher margins, less waste, and craft better customer experiences using customer relationship management (CRM).

Our highly skilled ERP experts configure, build, train, and maintain world-class manufacturing systems that promote productivity and growth. A partnership with Open Source Integrators will drive insight, profitability, and flexibility to reach your company’s full destiny as a market leader.

Open Source Integrators Gives Back to the Community to Help Grow Science, Technology, and Innovation

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As a true thought leader and mentor in Open Source ERP, Open Source Integrators (OSI) is helping to make it real for small-to-medium-sized businesses dedicated to…

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From Concept to Completion: Open Source ERP is the Bridge to Business Process Management

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In today’s industry of makers, there’s often an invisible barrier that holds entrepreneurs back from taking the leap from concept to completion. With the right support…

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Financial Accounting with Odoo.
We literally wrote a book about it.

Enhance your Odoo experience with our exclusive open source modules and resources.

Results-Driven Process

Our team provides you scientifically researched and fact-based solutions needed to improve and maintain your system. We approach each project as the unique endeavor it is, following a proven four-step method for success:


Determine your situation, goals, timeline, cost, and the best way to build a prototype that best fits your needs.


Advance and simplify future phases of work by optimizing the more critical parts of your business systems.


Streamline the experience to encourage optimal choices, while giving the flexibility to react to special cases.


Coach, train, and support your team members as they become accustomed to using the new operating systems.

Learn about our process and what to expect.

Open Source ERP Webinars

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Scalable Capacity Planning for Discrete Manufacturing [Webinar]
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DDMRP Sales & Operations Planning with Odoo
DDMRP for Procurement Using Odoo Dashboard
Managing Purchase Order Priority with Odoo DDMRP
DDMRP for Production with Odoo Software

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Individually or together, these premier suites of business applications offer open source ERP solutions tailored to your company’s unique business needs.

As a top Odoo integrator in the US, we will help your team discover why Odoo is among the most trusted Open Source ERP applications, with end-to-end ERP accounting integrations simplified by the pros.

ERP customers can enjoy all the robust capabilities of real-time data sets to inform their ERP solutions, operations and leadership teams. If you are looking for Hadoop done right, you’re in the right place.

There are websites and then there are e-commerce sites. E-commerce at the next level starts with a robust CMS solution. Find out why Open Source integrators look first to Magento for the heavy lifting.

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