Synchronize and Streamline Processes for Superior Business Insight

Today’s manufacturing world requires precision, efficiency, sustainability, and the ability to deliver on time and with quality. Companies looking to remain relevant need business clarity and understanding—around people, processes, products, and customers. They need actionable data and analytics to rapidly respond to changing consumer demands, market forces, and competition.

Open Source Integrators (OSI) delivers the right mix of technology and services to improve data-driven decision making. Manufacturers of every size can integrate and optimize a myriad of systems into a single, trusted planning and forecasting solution. They can take control of their supply chain to deliver products faster, with fewer resources, and at a lower cost. Deploying an open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution allows manufacturers to:

  • Streamline and optimize processes
  • Replace unmanageable legacy systems
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Increase margins and profitability
  • Create a better customer experience
  • Ensure quality and compliance

An Integrated Solution for High-Growth Manufacturers

OSI helps manufacturers configure, build, and deploy scalable open source solutions that spur productivity and growth. Our ERP experts partner with clients to gain a fundamental understanding of their business processes and requirements. The OSI team then develops an integrated ERP solution that eliminates the need for separate systems. As a result, clients execute tasks faster and with greater efficiency using readily available data for improved decision-making. OSI can customize your manufacturing ERP system based on the unique needs of the business using a combination of integrated software modules that can include:

  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Materials requirement planning
  • Quality assurance
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Warehouse/supply chain logistics
  • Inventory management
  • Production management
  • Product/materials traceability
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Managed contract/outsourced manufacturing
  • Make-to-order products in real-time
  • Costing and purchasing
  • Advanced analysis and forecasting

Open Source Software Makes Better Manufacturing Solutions

An open source ERP solution, designed specifically for your manufacturing needs, offers significant advantages over rigid proprietary software. The open source framework provides greater flexibility to implement tailored workflows that fit a business’s specific needs. That’s why OSI works closely with clients to calibrate a scalable solution for growth, leveraging the power of Odoo, the world’s most successful open source ERP platform. Used by more than two million people around the globe, Odoo delivers a robust, flexible, and cost-effective technology to enable efficiency gains in your manufacturing operation. Odoo for manufacturing gives you the freedom, power, and customization you need:

  • Integrates with all manufacturing processes
  • Scales to specific needs, unlike most proprietary applications
  • Supplies robust data exchange via application program interfaces (APIs)
  • Supports growth with scalability, connectivity, and reliability
  • Minimizes the risk of functionality becoming obsolete with new releases
  • Provides access to source code, making software changes and customization easy
  • Gives access to the collective expertise of a worldwide open source development community
    • Increased security and stability
    • Continuous innovation and improvement
    • Quick discovery and elimination of vulnerabilities


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Results-Driven Process

Our team provides you with scientifically researched and fact-based open source ERP solutions needed to improve and maintain your system. We approach each project as the unique endeavor it is, following a proven four-step method for success:


Determine your situation, goals, timeline, cost, and the best way to build a prototype that best fits your needs.


Advance and simplify future phases of work by optimizing the more critical parts of your business systems.


Streamline the experience to encourage optimal choices, while giving the flexibility to react to special cases.


Coach, train, and support your team members as they become accustomed to using the new operating systems.


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