Our Pledge, Your Guarantee

The Enterprise Assurance Program from Open Source Integrators is your shield of protection. As a complete support system, this advantage program assures your business operations and guarantees your operational continuity, rain or shine.

Experience peace of mind from knowing your operational continuity, cross-training, and security updates are assured with our 24/7 pledge of support.

Consistent, proactive service for the best customer experience.

It’s not just about preventive maintenance. It’s about evolving to maintain and create your competitive advantage. It’s not just about scheduling the same work every month to prevent failure anymore. It’s about optimizing your people, their training, your instance, that means something different to every company. They are evolving to be your competitive advantage.

Included in the Program

The Enterprise Assurance Program provides a broad array of benefits to meet your needs:

Security Patches and System Updates
Support and guide internal stakeholders within IT, operations, accounting, and administration. Fully facilitate or implement all updates and patches without leveraging any of the company’s internal resources.

Annual Integrated System Health Check
Integrated systems are reviewed to assure continuity of uptime and that there are no underlining problems pending. Full report and trend analysis include financial, operational, and logistical systems health checks.

Quarterly Trainings
Customized training environment created for your teams. High-fidelity integrated systems need to be simplified for users in order to fully leverage your investments and achieve the intended ROI.

Custom Tutorials and Ongoing Training
Every company’s staff, process and culture are different. Custom tutorials for your team that include instructions, “how to walk-throughs,” and a custom training manual for new employees.

ERP Systems Consulting with Incident Response
Connecting operations and integrated end-to-end systems is a full contact sport. Business, processing, employees, technology, and opportunities create constant change and the need for ongoing ERP consulting.

New Hire On-Boarding Walk-Through
Give the new employee a chance to navigate the custom software solution you have deployed with 1:1 virtual/video sessions. Each position within your team can be provided a guided tour customized to their position, role, and responsibilities.

Data Recovery Plans and Backups
Complete an outside-in audit to assure all backup systems are operating and the backup procedures are working through live red team drills.