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Open Source ERP Ensures Smooth Integration and Transforms Company Trajectory


The life sciences and diagnostics company was facing challenges related to product life cycle management and accounting. They were using Odoo’s accounting software but were facing implementation and integration challenges. They hadn’t integrated purchasing, so when the company was making purchasing decisions, they were literally looking at products on the shelf to check for low inventory as opposed to leveraging an integrated, systematic approach.


  • Assess the existing system to zero in on gaps.
  • Fix gaps and get accounting set up for them:
    • Fix purchasing
    • Fix purchasing lifecycle management
    • Set up accounting

Odoo Solutions

Open Source ERP solutions were right-sized in a phased-in approach for Accounting, Purchasing, and Lifecycle Management. Best-of-class integrated Odoo capabilities included:

  • Accounting
    • Accounting-centric Odoo software integration

  • Business Process Management

    • Business process optimization with Odoo for improved results

  • Logistics

    • Empowering logistics with Odoo best practices and customized technology

  • Customer Relationship Management

    • Driving customer intimacy with Odoo technology

  • Data integration

    • The power of real-time data unleashed with Odoo

  • E-commerce

    • Creating alignment between operations and customer experiences with Odoo


  • Accounting rollout was one of the smoothest the company had ever implemented.
  • Due to the insight and support provided by the Open Source Integrators’ team of experts, all company team members were open, ready, and receptive.
  • System integrity was proven every day. After the rollout occurred, there was a month of dual entry. Everything balanced on both sides every single day.
  • The accounting took less time and became more accurate:
    • Approximately 30 percent more efficient accounting reporting
    • Approximately 30-40 percent more accurate with the numbers

  • Experienced a 15-20 percent increase in accuracy of product life cycle management and product tracking – with greater likelihood that the system accurately reflected an item’s real-time production stage.
  • Product life cycle and accounting were the biggest wins.
  • Utilized USA Odoo to track product through research and development exploration. They have a structured process, and engineers could now experiment.
  • To leverage USA Odoo, they set up raw materials so that they feed into inventory to track what is available, track what is consumed/depleted through the life cycle, and trigger purchase orders.
  • All tracking now shows up on the accounting side so that profit-and-loss reports generate properly.

The Power to Transform with Odoo

Practically every software rollout has one or two people who are hesitant about the change. At this company, one naysayer was identified who, up until actual date to move opening balances, felt unsure the company was ready. After the switch, this person became a champion for USA Odoo and the power of Odoo. Her perspective changed, and she gave Open Source Integrators everything they needed to verify numbers and was doing dual entry. She powered through because she saw USA Odoo perform so well, and saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Open Source Integrators – Champions for Success

There are certain success factors Open Source Integrators looks for with any client:

  • They recognize there’s a problem.
  • They recognize they need help.
  • They recognize USA Odoo is the right solution.
  • They have a dedicated team prepared to spend the time needed to execute the rollout.
  • They have the true support and decision making power of the leadership.

Open Source Integrators stands in a category of one.

The unique attributes that make them distinctive in the industry? OSI prioritizes communication both internally among their team and externally with their clients. Customers seek out Open Source Integrators for their full transparency and honesty. More than a business practice, communication is their culture, represented in their world-class Odoo teams and industry best practices. OSI’s communication processes enable the success of others and establish a partnership based on trust. The teams of Open Source ERP experts remember every day that it is not OSI’s journey; it is the customer’s journey. They are dedicated to always asking questions and working first to understand the client to assure the implementation of right-sized, best-of-class integrated Odoo capabilities leading to scalable solutions that transform the way business is done.

As a top independent open source integrator in the US, Open Source Integrators provides customers a unique combination of open source business process consulting and improvements in industries ranging from construction and utilities to manufacturing, engineering, the service sector and direct to consumer. In addition to accounting and data management, OSI’s business functions include business process management (BPM), logistics, e-commerce and customer relationship management (CRM).

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