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Bavarian Auto Advances Mission with Open Source ERP Solution

Bavarian Auto Advances Mission with Open Source ERP Solution

June 27, 2019

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Bavarian Autosport was founded in 1974 as a regional BMW service shop by three friends passionate about maintaining BMWs.

​Simultaneously, they accumulated an inventory of parts and accessories to service any BMW that came their way. Bavarian Autosport’s well-curated inventory attracted local BMW enthusiasts who enjoyed performing their own maintenance, repairs and, modifications. Bavarian Autosport took off as the leading BMW parts and accessories provider in the Northeast.

In 200 Bavarian Autosport became a MINI parts retailer in addition to BMW. Today, Bavarian Autosport is the leading BMW and MINI parts and accessories in the world. Bavarian Autosport is high volume shop, with large numbers of orders each day, for highly engineered parts on rare or vintage cars. They are enthusiasts as well, who know and love cars.​

Bavarian Autosport employees


n 2015, the integration between Bavarian Autosport’s e-commerce platform and backend system was holding them back. Managing inventory, sales, and customer service in real time was a laborious process.

Bavarian Autosport began researching systems that could combine inventory, ordering, forecasting, sales, while integrating with Magento E Commerce, at a cost-effective price point.

After several experiments, Bavarian Autosport decided on using Odoo ERP as their order management, accounting and fulfillment backend, while continuing to use Magento for their E-commerce presence.

Odoo fit Bavarian Autosport’s needs for stability and reliability, enabling seamless sales and fulfilment.​

Bavarian Autosport’s team is extremely talented, and was able to partner successfully with OSI, building self-sufficiency and resilience. Bavarian Autosport pursued an Odoo Open Source ERP solution because they needed freedom and flexibility in their system. They partnered with OSI to guide them through OSI’s proprietary four-step integration process.


  • Maintain business functions during transition
  • Tight deadlines
  • Integration of multiple systems

Goals for New Odoo ERP

  • Improve customer purchasing experience.
  • Build a strong and flexible e-commerce platform that creates opportunities for growth and productivity improvements.
  • Maintain product traceability and improve customer service.
  • Ensure continuity across business functions throughout the legacy service decommissioning.
  • Streamline all business functions.


OSI’s proprietary in-depth, four-step approach to integration ensures a smooth transition to a reliable ERP system which provides better business guidance and control:​


Bavarian Autosport and OSI performed an in- depth analysis of functional requirements for the new system. Together, Bavarian Autosport and OSI created a timetable and benchmarks of success to measure project progress.​
​Bavarian Autosport optimized the most critical aspects of their business functions. Integrating their e-commerce platform with backend systems was a key focal point during the optimization phase.
Bavarian Autosport contracted OSI to configure the software to achieve the benchmarks laid out in the analysis phase. In doing so, Bavarian Autosport automated and streamlined central processes, saving them time and money.​
​Bavarian Autosport utilized change management tools to get their team ready for the transition to the new system. OSI trained and coached the Bavarian Autosport team before, during, and after going live.


​Bavarian Autosport and OSI built a flexible and integrated system to build a more successful future. Their system is based on a unified integration between open source ERP software and open source e-commerce software. Bavarian Autosport capitalized on the strengths of each software to extend their competitive advantage as the top BMW and MINI parts and accessories retailer.

Bavarian Autosport is successfully using their new integrated open source system for:

  • Accounting
  • Sales
  • E-commerce integration with Magento
  • Marketplace integrations with Amazon and Ebay
  • Point of sale for the showroom
  • Marketing email campaigns
  • Inventory Management
  • RMA
  • Purchasing
  • Shipping
White BMW car

“Our new system helps us more efficiently achieve business goals. I have greater confidence in our ability to help fellow BMW and MINI enthusiasts follow their passion.”

Bavarian Auto’s Return-on-Investment:

  • Improved online customer purchasing experience
  • Added growth opportunities through a robust e-commerce platform
  • Enhanced product traceability
  • Maintained productivity and output throughout the transition to the new system

Bavarian Autosport’s has been operating successfully on Odoo for years, and have found that this solution grows with them, helping them scale with harmony.

By implementing an open source solution, Bavarian Autosport grew their culture and trademark of sharing their passion for BMWs and MINIs with customers. Bavarian Autosport’s high quality products and unmatched service continues to equip car lovers to carry out any at-home project on their BMW or MINI. OSI is honored to partner with this outstanding organization.

Bavarian Autosport’s hard work has paid off by helping them adapt from a time of paper catalogs and fewer products to countless products, multi channeled sales and marketing, while maintaining high engagement and trust from their customers.​

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