Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)
Streamline decision-making processes with Odoo ERP + APS

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS): A powerful planning tool

In today’s volatile supply chain, it’s important that the shipping streams between manufacturers and customers are undergirded by systems that effectively control production and balance your resources. Yesterday’s Material Requirements Planning (MRP) systems have proved insufficient for maintaining equilibrium across resource planning, fulfillment, demand planning, and reverse logistics, which is why we recommend combining Odoo ERP with a robust APS system that allows you to make the right decision today, rather than three months too late.

OSI’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions are dedicated to helping supply chain and operations management leads in their quest to acquire a system that can quickly identify bottlenecks, address materials shortages, and overcome disruptive and inconvenient hiccups in planning. With APS, we can provide our partners with an accurate portrait of production and resources to realign and optimize alternative plans.

An effective alternative for supply chain and operations management

Advanced Planning and Scheduling offers a slew of management processes geared towards mending inadequate functions, such as:

  • Alternative manufacturing routes
  • Alternative production: Using different machines or outsourcing
  • Alternative suppliers for key materials or components

With an Advanced Planning and Scheduling system in place, you’ll have leverage over alternative scenarios such as choosing to make an item, ship from an alternate warehouse, or purchase from a different supplier. State-of-the-art APS provides you with the option of making the best choice based on priority rules, total cost rules, or a penalty rule, ultimately putting flimsy MRP/ERP systems to shame.

Let’s take a look at some of your options moving forward.

Stay in the safe zone with Odoo ERP and Advanced Planning and Scheduling technologies

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

For those who are just taking their first steps into the APS world, the cutting-edge method of overcoming clunky operations is to drop simple MRP systems for Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP). DDMRP provides a direct line of sight into the nodes of your operations that might soon fail or fall short, allowing ample time for you to restock, adjust production, configure alternative delivery routes, and much more.

FrePPLe supply chain planning and scheduling software

For companies who already have some kind of an alternative process in place, OSI recommends frePPLe as a first choice for further optimizing your operations.

With frePPLe, you’ll receive a holistic system tailored to your company’s particular needs. FrePPLe is installed as a standalone application that incorporates uniquely accurate foresight into the full extent of your operations, enabling you to create plans that simultaneously target the present moment while preparing for the future.

In short, Odoo ERP + frePPLe = Resiliency.

FrePPLe offers a range planning capabilities, including:

Demand planning

Give sales and planning teams the ability to edit and fine-tune forecasts using statistical models that estimate stock volume and sourcing needs.

Inventory planning

Utilize a data-driven approach that reduces overstocking and stock-outs. Ensure that inventory is stocked as needed and place reorders in a timely fashion.

Production planning

Achieve faster order completion and reduce delays with detailed capacity production plans and schedules based on staff, material availability, lead times, and resource capacity.

As the cherries on top, with frePPLe, you can experience benefits such as:

  • Increased output
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased profits
  • Lower cost
  • Reduced waste

Join the Odoo open source ERP family

At OSI, we’re all about community. And, to be clear, this is not a sense of community contingent on whether or not you choose to work with us; we view community as something that happens the moment you knock on our door. Given the challenges faced by supply chain, manufacturing, and the systems used to ensure one foot is always in front of the other, we approach building better systems according to an all-in-this-together policy.

Whether you want to extend your existing open source ERP solution to improve production or are simply interested in learning more about implementing a new enterprise system, we hope you come to OSI knowing that you can rely on us as a trusted partner.

We’ve put together a team of consultants with deep knowledge and refined expertise working in both Odoo DDMRP and frePPLe environments, and they have just one goal in mind: Optimize your supply chain and build resiliency into your organization.

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