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Open Source Integrators Named 2019 Odoo Best Partner - North America

Open Source Integrators is the 2019 “Odoo Best Partner - North America”.

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Proslat Replaces NetSuite and Boosts Customer Engagement with Open Source ERP

How Proslat migrated key ERP functionality and data from NetSuite to Odoo in 60 days with support from Open Source Integrators.

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Building A Showcase Culture - Book Review

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“Building A Showcase Culture - Powerful and Practical Keys for Manufacturing” by Mark Lado can help everyone in manufacturing companies perform better, from…

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Using an ERP System for Product Development - Part II

Analyzing competitor products to find market gaps.

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Using an ERP System for Product Development - Part I

Your ERP can be the foundation of your team’s product development creativity.

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ERP High Level Thinking is Not Thinking About ERP At All

The only way technology (or new systems) can bring benefits is if, and only if, it diminishes a limitation.

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Configuring Multi-Company Functionality in Odoo Enterprise

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Drive process efficiencies from multi-company functionality with the Open Source Integrators proven methodology.

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