Bridge to Integration—Done Right
Open Source Integrators' Quick Start Workshop

Begin With the End in Mind

​The larger the enterprise, the more important it is to start out on the right path, so that you’ll end up where you want to be. If you have 50-5000 users, we can help you and your team establish a common understanding, create predictable working relationships, and optimize business processes through best practices.

Determine the scope, optimize your processes, choose the tech stacks, establish your integration and implementation plan, consider your training options, get team buy in, and receive an all-inclusive budget and a timeline that you can rely upon. Save your time and project by starting out on the right path. With the right project approach, your team will be enthusiastically behind your open source transformation.

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The Bridge

Sample Agenda for 50-100 Users

After signing up for the workshop, you will receive a workshop schedule that’s adjusted to meet your business’s specific needs. This workshop should be completed over the course of a week.


Are you ready to put a fork into all the questions to your questions? We provide the questions and the answers in one comprehensive week of learning and rightsizing. Gain 100 percent confidence in your path, your team’s ability to achieve the objectives, and your chosen partner. View the FAQs below for more answers.

How many days is the workshop?

The Bridge Workshop is Monday through Friday, but you pick the week that works best for you and your team.

Can you send us an RFP?

Each implementation plan is tailored to your company’s vision. By doing the Bridge Workshop, we can develop the perfect plan and a true customized competitive advantage. We are a custom integrator that’s technology and platform agnostic. Our job is simply to wrap the best possible solutions around your specific SWOT and know how.

Who should attend this workshop?

We recommend having empowered decision makers from the following departments: marketing, accounting, engineering/development, production, supply chain/logistic (1+), and sales. Additional members that can speak with authority are welcome and encouraged.

Will the tech and methods fit our company?

That’s the purpose of the week. With our methods, technology, and experienced team, we have the ability, capacity, and resources to tailor a plan specific to your business’s needs.

How much does this cost?

We invest in our potential clients from the beginning. In order to do that, we utilize all the resources we can to define the best plan of action. Not only is the education an incredible opportunity and value to your business, but with the Bridge Workshop, you are only paying the raw cost for the process, preparation, and output. This is an exclusive and rightsized process for your business. Your needs. Your team. Your customers. Your technology SWOTs.

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Feel like a rat on a wheel trying to start your open source transformation? Progress with a cross-disciplined team of experts, all in one place, shoulder to shoulder with your team. We guarantee you will arrive at an all-inclusive plan and budget within the week.

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