The Open and Resilient Podcast With Greg Mader
Conversations featuring the leading open source thinkers in business, management, and technology.

The Open and Resilient podcast features savvy CEOs, line managers, innovators, developers, educators, and others making a difference in the open source world. Hosted by OSI president Greg Mader, you’ll get in-depth interviews and compelling first-hand accounts from people working on the front lines of business and technology. The open source community continues to grow and evolve. Listen to find out how.

Greg Maloney- How to scale ambitious projects?

June 08, 2021

Greg and Greg talk about advanced IT management approaches, regulated industries, and Goldfish crackers

Shane Peabody, The Fulton Companies

June 08, 2021

Shane and Greg talk about Shadow IT, the power of Open Source, and pickles

Bob Lewis, IS Survivor Publishing-- How to Keep the Joint Running?

May 18, 2021

Bob and Greg discuss IT project success, squirrels, and what executive sponsorship really means.

Melissa Mack, Pharmore Ingredients-- How to build efficiency?

April 27, 2021

Melissa and Greg chat about product traceability, lab testing, efficiency, supply chain challenges and Faygo.

Jason Halling, Burr Oak Tool -- How to get project buy in?

April 13, 2021

Jason and Greg discuss how quality and innovation compete internationally, how to get strategic initiative buy in, and protein bars.

Bruce Aldridge, Orr Protection Group -- Why Open is important?

March 30, 2021

Greg and Bruce discuss animal crackers, hard knocks, Odoo, and open software vs proprietary software.

Dan Stern– Engineering Inhouse/ Manufacturing Outsourced

August 23, 2013

Dan has a point of view and an opinion or two. His respect for quality engineering makes him an inspiration for those that know him. He has a special regard for vintage Chryslers and their engineering.

Jonathan Werner– :” …Like it or not, globalization is here.”

May 18, 2013

Custom Traxx is a leader in the model train hobbyist community, creating an exceptional product for a high end market.

About the Host

Greg Mader is the founder and president of Open Source Integrators (OSI), a global leader in open source business consulting and IT services. He’s an Army Veteran and entrepreneur, adept at managing large teams and complex projects, delivered on time and budget. His background includes leading and developing large and small teams, with a focus on communication, mission relevance, and improved deliveries. His expertise spans across strategic planning, project management, ERP, GIS, and other enterprise technologies.