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Odoo Allows Accounting-centric ‘One Version of the Truth’

Dedicated to your success, OSI integrates your accounting systems into an interconnected nerve system to increase reliability of your numbers, efficiency of your operations, and quality of your output. OSI will help you create one true picture of your entire business operation.

The accounting integration from USA Odoo empowers real-time accounting valuations and deeper reporting on costs and revenues for both upstream and downstream operations.


In our experience, getting accounting set up correctly is key to success for the entire project. We recommend setting up financial accounting early in the implementation, and building a strong foundation for your business. Believe it or not, accounting can even be fun.

USA Odoo is easy to set up correctly to provide complete financial accounting, even in challenging situations, such as audits, Sarbanes–Oxley reporting, multi-currency and multi-company circumstances. USA Odoo provides powerful auditing and traceability tools that allow fine-grained access control and complete traceability.

USA Odoo is designed to help companies who have trouble achieving “one version of the truth.”


For example, in many firms, revenue data maintained by the finance department doesn’t always match the numbers generated by the sales organization.

These disparities can make it difficult to assess financial status and profitability.

USA Odoo systems consolidate and centralize all back-office information.

Each transaction conducted by a department will be handled, recorded, and managed by a single system.

In this way, the most frequent causes of conflicting information—such as a lack of integration across departmental applications—are eliminated.

Things to Consider

If you are planning to migrate your financial accounting to USA Odoo, this is a perfect time to reassess your accounting process. There are many things to consider.

A few good questions to start with include:

  • What do you need to track?
  • What reports do you need?
  • How does tax reporting look for you?

Answers to these questions will help you make the right decisions about setup and configuration of your USA Odoo system in a way that best supports your business needs. Accompany this analysis with accounting-related business process documentation and visual diagrams. Reassess your chart of accounts, and consider how you might set up your inventory or services accounting. Once these exercises are complete, you will have the information to guide you through setup and configuration of your USA Odoo system. And the support our team of experts to ensure your success.

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