Enterprise to Field Service Management

The open source solution for your enterprise field services

Logistics, E2FSM, and Open ERP

Are you looking for a scalable and flexible field service management solution that is fully integrated into your enterprise?

We have the answer for you: E2FSM (enterprise to field service management) bridges the gap between enterprise planning and field service management through the right tools to streamline your operations and provide excellent customer service.

E2FSM manages your field operations, including order taking, subscriptions, dispatching, employee and contractor deployment, equipment and parts handling, inventory control and accounting integration for automated billing.

The open source E2FSM solution was designed for small to large organizations who need to integrate all business aspects to effectively manage and optimize field service orders for repair, maintenance, services, delivery, or inspections.

E2FSM combines existing enterprise functions in the company with field service delivery.

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E2FSM addresses your major challenges:

Open Source Integrators’ (OSI) E2FSM solutions address the daily challenges in Field Service Management. Our tools are used for strategic planning, tactical planning, field operations, as well as analysis and reporting to reduce inefficiencies and safety concerns.

E2FSM functional highlights:

  • Dispatching tools integrated with Helpdesk/Service calls
  • Optimize orders via timelines and geo-mapping
  • Leverage integration with Odoo, the leading open source ERP software
  • Route inventory for goods, parts, and equipment
  • Trace from vendor to warehouse, from vehicle to customer location
  • Analyze cost tracking per equipment or location
  • Manage company or customer-owned assets
  • Quickly find equipment at customer locations, down to a room and shelf
  • Review contracts with entitlements and service profiles
  • Integrate with Inventory, Sales, CRM, and Fleet Management
  • Update mobile status and locations in real time
  • Access all important documents via mobile devices

E2FSM benefits:

  • Operational insight and efficiency for all levels of the organization
  • Ensure safe and efficient deployment of vehicles and staff
  • Optimized field service assignments and scheduling
  • Accurate billing and management of billing exceptions
  • Improved customer response times and reliable appointment times
  • Increase revenue by utilizing available capacity more efficiently
  • Low-cost licensing and cost of operation
  • Tracking and tracing of all items, cost, and revenue
  • Review KPIs such as on-time performance of service calls or parts and equipment usage
  • Save time through automation of ordering, manufacturing, and inventory processes
  • Faster revenue via payment approval and processing through E2FSM
  • Deeper insight into historic and real-time information for planning, operations, and analysis
  • Manage disruptions due to traffic, weather, shifting priorities, customer unavailability, etc.
  • Stay compliant with increasingly complex rules and regulations
  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction via customer-centric Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and predictable appointment times

Why upgrade to E2FSM?

E2FSM is centered around redefining what quality delivery, prompt services, and excellent customer support means today. As customers, we choose companies whose drivers show up at our door on time and bring with them the knowledge and tools or goods to provide us with a great customer experience.

Service and delivery fleets are ever-growing; with growth comes challenges related to efficiency and quality. Of the over three million fleets in the U.S., not all provide the same reliable services. Why? Because field service management is not easy.

Field services are complex and highly competitive. Organizations that are not deploying the latest digital technology often fail to competitively manage demand, optimize resources, and meet their service level agreements.

Open Source Integrators helps field services managers implement a comprehensive solution based on Open ERP, the most successful open source business application platform. Open ERP is used by more than two million users and provides a flexible and cost-effective solution to enable efficiency gains in your operation.

Open ERP is the framework for predictable and reliable implementation of your specific business rules. Disruptions are managed and mitigated in real-time, before they become costly. OSI helps you deploy your business rules and add optimization algorithms to reduce cost, all while increasing safety, customer satisfaction, and SLA compliance.

Field service managers are getting frustrated with disparate systems for creation of work orders, parts availability, tracking of job statuses, optimized scheduling, and routing of field resources.

Field Service Management Lifecycle

Effective FSM solutions are tightly integrated with other business systems such as ERP, CRM, Inventory Management, and AVL Telematics. That’s why OSI leverages the most extensive open source platform for integrating business systems within all aspects of the field service management life cycle.

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The integrated E2FSM platform supports the entire field service management life-cycle:

Work Order Creation and
Parts Management

Seamless process for managing service calls and everything needed to keep your customers happy.

Demand and Capacity Planning

Let the system take care of scheduling and avoid missed appointments and double-booked surprises.

Work Optimization

The optimization tools do the heavy-lifting, experts can modify results with human intuition.

and Control

Disruptions happen every day. With real-time tools, help your dispatchers stay in charge.

Analysis/Reporting and Operations

See what’s actually happening and improve your operations based on historic data.

Integrated Enterprise E2FSM opens new possibilities.

OSI’s E2FSM solution provides full enterprise integration with Sales & CRM, Accounting, Contracts, Subscription Management, Helpdesk and Service Tickets, Fleet Management, Warehousing, and Inventory Management. OSI’s FSM provides mobile integration and the ability to manage customer-owned or leased equipment.

Differences Between OSI’s E2FSM and Out-of-the-Box FSM

Enterprise Integrated FSM (E2FSM) Without the Gaps

Most FSM solutions claim enterprise integration because they allow some level of data transfer to existing systems. In fact, in most cases, these rudimentary connections are afterthoughts that are frustrating to the users who seek seamless integration from CRM to Service Delivery. With E2FSM, companies are no longer restricted by application program interfaces (APIs) that only expose limited functions and data from proprietary tools. Organizations can now demand more control to expose all critical functions and data necessary to allow for integrated workflows within the entire business universe.

360 Degree Integration with E2FSM

OSI’s E2FSM solution provides full enterprise integration with Sales & CRM, Accounting, Contracts, Subscription Management, Helpdesk and service tickets, Fleet Management, Warehousing, and Inventory Management.

Real-Time Online or Offline

OSI’s E2FSM provides remote, online and offline mobile integration and the ability to manage customer owned or leased equipment.

Flexibility and Control

With improved flexibility and control, you have the ability to see exactly what the software does behind the scenes and make changes that match your specific needs.

Critical Knowledge Transfer

Programmers can study the code and system architecture to learn best practices.

Security and Stability

Open source code is secure, stable, and transparent. Since it is reviewed by many experts, bugs and vulnerabilities are discovered and eliminated quickly.


E2FSM is scalable while FSM is not.


All aspects of the code are visible to you. This increases security, quality, and efficiency.

The Ability to Fix Core Software Issues

Core software issues can be fixed quickly and when needed. You no longer have to wait to see if the capability or functionality you need right now still needs to be added or included in the next release.

Support from a Large Community

The open source community is the largest programming force in the universe. Within operations, supply and demand always dictates price. What would you rather have? Only one company that must add or fix your problem, or thousands of qualified companies that could augment your open source capability?

Independence and Continuity

When a product or version is no longer supported, the favorite trick of proprietary software solutions is forcing more fees, under the threat of no longer supporting the software. With the power of open source and OSI’s E2FSM, the community support continues, and changes can be made to the source code when you need it.

Enterprise Centricity

FSM allows individual business owners and service technicians to track their business (service requests) whereas E2FSM enables a corporation/firm to manage multiple resources.

OSI is here to help you succeed

Open Source Integrators will work with you to implement an FSM solution that provides exceptional customer service while remaining environmentally and economically responsible. Your Field Service operation will enhance driver safety and reduce cost through more efficient use of resources while increasing customer satisfaction.

If you want to find out how E2FSM can change your business and how to get started, we can quickly get you on the right track. Please contact us to set up a meeting so that we can learn any special requirements and help you reflect your needs in E2FSM.

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