Deploy Optimized Field Services with Open FSM from OSI

Whether you work in utilities, construction, equipment rental, or any other service market, your field service responsibilities include solving daily problems and planning for the future. To do this, you need timely, accurate, and complete information, interaction with multiple departments, and a clear view of customers, staff, and resources.

Open FSM (Field Service Management) from OSI provides a solution that supports growth with scalability, connectivity, and reliability. As the leading open source integrator for field services, OSI has the technical expertise and industry knowledge to guide your transformation into a proactive and profitable organization that exceeds customer expectations.

With Open FSM from OSI, you empower your organization to:

  • Deliver outstanding service to customers everywhere
  • Manage disruptions in real-time, before they get costly
  • Increase safety and compliance
  • Improve planning, operations, and analysis
  • Handle new requirements with flexibility and ease

Explore All Open FSM Functions and Benefits

Open FSM enables your organization to integrate systems, including inventory, CRM, and fleet management, within all aspects of the FSM lifecycle using a single solution. You gain an accurate view of operations combined with tools and analytics that make it easy to transform data into action. Business units across the organization access the data they need to improve decision-making.

You can use deep insight into historical and real-time information for planning and operations, as well as managing disruptions due to traffic, weather, shifting priorities, customer unavailability, and more. You can also ensure compliance with increasingly complex rules and regulations. The result? You develop into an efficient, effective, and customer-centric organization that differentiates you from the competition.

Application Functional Highlights

  • Integrate dispatching tools with Helpdesk/Service calls
  • Optimize orders via timelines and geo-mapping
  • Route inventory for goods, parts, and equipment
  • Trace from vendor to warehouse, from vehicle to customer location
  • Analyze cost tracking per equipment or location
  • Manage company or customer-owned assets
  • Locate equipment at customer sites, down to a room and shelf
  • Review contracts with entitlements and service profiles
  • Update mobile status and locations in real-time
  • Access critical documents via mobile devices

Application Benefits

  • Optimized field service assignments, scheduling, and safety
  • Accurate billing and management of invoice exceptions
  • Improved customer response times and reliable appointment times
  • Increased revenue from using available capacity more efficiently
  • Low-cost licensing and cost of operation
  • Tracking and tracing of all items, cost, and revenue
  • Accurate KPI reviews, such as on-time performance of service calls, parts delivery, and equipment usage
  • Time savings through automation of ordering, manufacturing and inventory processes
  • Faster revenue via payment approval and processing
  • Customer-centric Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

A Fully Integrated, Comprehensive Solution

OSI’s Open FSM solution seamlessly integrates into your organization’s existing IT infrastructure and business operations. It bridges the gap between business and FSM applications to effectively manage orders for repair, maintenance, delivery, and inspection. Open FSM’s comprehensive functionality and integration capabilities eliminate the need for using multiple disparate systems. It reduces costs and increases efficiency for faster, smarter decision-making.

Support for the Entire Field Service Management Cycle

Using open source field service and business applications, OSI partners with you to support your exact business needs. Our open source software consultants possess in-depth knowledge and industry experience. They will work with your organization to analyze current field service management systems and processes. In partnership, you can design and implement an intuitive, comprehensive solution that fits your vision of the future and needs of the day. With Open FSM, you can support the entire field service management cycle, including:

  • Work order creation and management
  • Demand and capacity planning
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Dispatching and control
  • Reporting, analysis, and operations

See Why Open Source Applications Make Better FSM Solutions

Open Source Enables Better FSM Solutions

When it comes to FSM software, open source offers significant advantages over proprietary solutions. OSI helps field service managers implement a comprehensive solution based on Odoo, the most successful open source business application platform in the world. More than two million people use Odoo because it’s flexible, cost-effective, and enables efficiency gains. Here’s why it’s the right solution for your FSM needs:

  • Integrates with all of your processes
  • Scales to your needs, unlike most out-of-the-box FSM applications
  • Supplies robust data exchange not limited by application program interfaces (APIs)
  • Supports growth with scalability, connectivity, and reliability
  • Carries no risk of functionality becoming unavailable with new releases
  • Provides visibility into source code, making software changes and customization easy
  • Benefits from the collective expertise of the worldwide open source development community
    • Increased security and stability
    • Continuous innovation and improvement
    • Quick discovery and elimination of vulnerabilities

Deliver Excellent Customer Service on Time, in Any Location

Companies looking to succeed in the age of the customer need to deliver goods and services in a fast, efficient manner. OSI facilitates this with a solution that allows you to create exceptional experiences while increasing FSM efficiency and lowering costs. Leverage OSI to help you:

  • Provide accurate appointment times to customers
  • Reduce planning time for dispatchers, customer service reps, and field staff
  • Assign and schedule routes efficiently
  • Track goods, parts, and equipment from the warehouse to the customer
  • Perform cost and revenue analysis of customers and locations
  • Deliver real-time mobile and online access
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