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Try These Useful Odoo Community Association Modules

Odoo Enterprise is an excellent ERP. But no ERP can do everything required for the constantly evolving needs of every user. That’s why modules developed by Odoo Community Association (OCA) members are so valuable. OCA modules fill in functionality gaps.

The OCA serves as an independent legal entity to which community members can contribute code, funding and other resources with the knowledge that their contributions will be maintained for public benefit.

Four of the best OCA modules that Open Source Integrators clients often use are described below.

​The MIS Builder Module

For users with experience developing accounting reports in Microsoft FRx, Synoptix, Sage Intelligence and other financial report generators, MIS Builder provides functionality to build Profit and Loss statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow reports, Trial Balance reports and many more from Odoo data.

Anyone who knows how to use Excel formulas can use MIS Builder. If the finance team wants to display department metrics across the column in financial statements, users can do that in MIS Builder. Budgets, actuals, simulations and cost analysis over different time periods are all accessible in MIS Builder.

The RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Module

Reverse logistics is an enormous, and growing, challenge. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2018 total merchandise returns cost US retailers $351 billion in lost sales. Some eCommerce vendors are seeing return rates as high as 30%.

Designer clothing eTailer had $400 million in 2017 net sales after returns. But their returns were $385 million and covered the cost of their customer’s return shipments. 51% of their sales were returned. Ouch.

Functionality for companies to always auto-approve RMAs in certain categories? Check. Functionality to require management approval before authorizing an RMA? Check. Functionality to designate a default RMA warehouse location? Check.

With the OCA RMA Module, these and numerous other workflows for handling RMAs can be managed in the Odoo Inventory module.

​The Audit Log Module

Use of audit logs isn’t just a best practice for technology solutions used in companies required to comply with HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley or Sarbanes Oxley. Audit logs are especially critical for administrators on complex IT development projects. This OCA module allows for tracking of user activity such as create, read, write and delete.

The illustrations below show output from the Audit Log module with links to drill down into which users performed operations such as create, read, write and delete, what the users did, when the users did it, the user path and the time within the session.



User Sessions

HTTP Requests

The Product Configurator Module

What do some bicycle manufacturers, electronics fabricators, food companies, industrial equipment manufacturers and even service providers that use Odoo have in common? They all use the Product Configurator module to better facilitate their customers ordering individualized versions of their products and services.

The module menu allows administrators the functionality to configure templates (for types of products such as a bicycle or a shirt) and variants (for variable attributes such as the size of the bicycle or the color of the shirt).

For example, if a manufacturer offers shirts in three sizes (red, green and white) and three sizes (medium, large and XL), a customer can order one of nine variations. Because the radio button for “required” is clicked in the illustration below, customers can’t order a shirt without confirming the color and size they prefer.

If the customer’s choice impacts the product price, shipping weight or other values, those can also be configured.

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